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Why Do You Mix Finance With Religion?

Kim, from North Carolina wrote in asking: “Why do you mix finance with religion?”

Well, Kim, the answer is simple.

I don’t mix finance with religion.

I do, however, mix finance with the Word of God.

Big difference…HUGE.

Our nation’s foundation and Constitution was built on the Word of God…NOT on religion.

Unfortunately, political and financial corruption has, over the years, diluted the principles of fairness for most investors.

Ironically (or NOT) most investors are clueless to the fact that Jesus spoke more about money than most other subjects.

So, when you see us point out how corruption affects your investments – by quoting a verse from the Bible – we’re simply giving you a reference base…And a very bankable reference base. (pun intended)




Before the hate mail starts, let me say that this is not about liberal vs conservative.  Nor is it left wing vs right wing.

But, if we peel back the layers, it basically comes down to moral vs immoral.

The reason there’s hatred is when we stand for Godly virtues saying something is right vs wrong, it exposes people’s ungodliness.

And they don’t want to feel any conviction.

They want to do their own thing without anyone telling them they’re wrong.

It’s also why Facebook, Google, Twitter and most media outlets openly practice censorship without much resistance from a dumbed-down readership.

It’s truly pathetic.

And it illustrates how Ignorance is a Choice in the Age of Information.

Which brings me to my point…

Our “…In Plain English” newsletter paints a picture you won’t likely find anywhere else.

And by occasionally using an ancient Proverb or Scripture we remind you that “there is no new thing under the sun.”

Turbulent Times are rapidly approaching (it’s already baked in the cake).

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