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Was Tesla a Closet Holy Roller?

Once again Tesla was battered in the stock market dropping over 40 points in one day last week.

The TV talking heads would have you believe it’s decline is related to earnings – or lack thereof. –

Ironically (or NOT) the Tesla automaker is doomed.  Their problems go way beyond bad earnings and they’ll eventually be taken over by the government.

Translation:  The multiple billions of dollars coming due in Tesla bonds will be shoved down the taxpayer’s throats.


Governments Politicians NEVER admit they made a mistake…and funding Tesla was a big one.

It’s obvious that soy-boy Felon Musk has pissed off too many of the boyz in the “Club.”  He’s no longer useful to them.

Time to clean house.

Musk will go down screaming about how unfair the government is and how they ruined his dreams of ruling the world.

And he’ll continue to play the sympathy card to cut a deal and keep from going to jail for security fraud.

The most unfortunate part of the doomed auto maker is how the pure genius of Nikola Tesla has, once again, been thrown under the bus.

Or, should I say “buried in the dustbin of history?”

We wrote about it (HERE).

Most likely we’ll never know how many of Tesla’s innovations were covered up stolen.

We still wonder why the FBI raided his home and confiscated all his files within hours after he died in 1943 (Cough! George H. Scherff/Prescott Bush, Cough! Cough!).

(Google The Veil of Invisibility PDF)


We also don’t know whether Nikola Tesla believed in God or not.

But, based on some of his findings and quotes, he admitted there was a source in the universe that was well beyond the limitations of the human mind. (see below)

Read how his inventions are causing certain stocks to fly in our August newsletter (HERE).


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