December 2022
December 2, 2022

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The Best $15 You’ll Ever Spend

What can you buy for $15?

Here’s a very short list:


  • A fast-food lunch for two…guaranteed to clog your arteries.
  • Assorted video games for your phone…guaranteed to waste a lot of your time.
  • Three cups of coffee from Starbucks…guaranteed to increase your trips to the bathroom.
  • One ticket to see a new movie…guaranteed to cost you another $30 in popcorn, candy, etc.
  • Five gallons of gas…guaranteed to be replaced in one or two days.
  • One glass of wine at a nice restaurant…guaranteed to lead you to another.
  • One appetizer at the same restaurant…guaranteed to run up the cost of your bill.
  • A mere fraction of your monthly cable/wireless/internet bundle…guaranteed to be repeated every month.


Ironically (or NOT) most of us think nothing of spending $15 for one or all of the above.

Let’s be honest here.

What redeeming value do you get for your $15?

By comparison, $15 for a monthly subscription to our “…In Plain English” newsletter gives you:


  • Ideas and multiple ways to become a better investor through the experienced eyes of Wall Street veterans…guaranteed to improve your perspective.
  • Insight into how the markets really work behind the scenes…guaranteed to help you Connect the Dots of the global financial puzzle.
  • Strategies for potentially making money regardless of what’s going on in the stock market…guaranteed to lower your “worry factor” when things turn ugly.
  • Access to our archives featuring hundreds of ideas, tips, and recommendations to improve your winning percentages…guaranteed to let you go back and review them as often as you want.
  • How to Swim With the Sharks and not just survive but thrive in turbulent times…guaranteed to happen in the near future.


More importantly you’ll get a Macro-Perspective of how Everything is Connected in the world.

If you only get one tip (that either MAKES or SAVES you a fortune) then you’ll know why it’s the best $15 you’ll ever spend.

There’s only one way to find out…try it out (HERE).


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With this FREE issue, you’ll also receive daily tips on how to NOT get Hustled by the Wall Street pros and much more.

Learn how Wall Street operates from the inside AND BEAT them at their own game.  

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