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Who Writes and/or Reads This Crap?

My love/hate relationship with the financial industry shifted into overdrive when I read a recent headline.

It was an advertisement for a new ETF (Exchange Traded Fund).  And it was written for a major mutual fund company that I USED to respect.

Here it is.  And, please, tell me if you understand it.

“ETFs that put people in charge of the equation.”

First question:  What equation are they talking about?

Second:  What “people” are in charge and are they in charge of the ETF or the equation?


I’ll tell you who writes this crap.  Some 23-year-old Ivy league MBA grad with NO EXPERIENCE in the real world.

Sorry, I need to calm down.

The love/hate I feel when I see this garbage is simple.

I HATE IT when Wall Street uses fancy language (that the average investor doesn’t understand) to impress people with their self-importance.

I LOVE IT because it reminds me of the need, for people like you, to have easy and uncomplicated ways to avoid getting hustled by these pros.

Yeah, I know this seems like another shameless plug for our newsletter (it is), but unless you check it out, you won’t know for sure.

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P.S.  There are many other reasons why I hate ETFs and other packaged products.  We share them with you every month (HERE).

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