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Global Warming Fraud is Worse Than Religious Pride

Can you think of a better way to get the Global Warming nut-jobs and the holy rollers to hate me than by calling them both hypocrites?

Comparing misleading religious doctrine and fraud in politics is a dangerous combination…but that’s exactly how see things today.

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Specifically, we want you to see how they operate from the same bogus premise.

Simultaneously, we hope you’ll learn how to turn these false doctrines into positive/profitable results.

(Important Caveat here:  For almost 2,000 years the church, as a whole, has done a terrible job of communicating the Word of God.  Instead, they’ve used religion to control you via condemnation and performance on your part.)

Consequently, the Global Warming kooks have taken the false religious indoctrination tactics to a higher level.

They’re even more passionate than most religious zealots.  

We can’t fully cover this topic in an email (that’s why we save the good stuff for our newsletter) but here’s the basic similarity.

They both base their findings/preaching on one or two ideas/beliefs to the exclusion of others.

Example #1:  Studies on climate begin with the assumption of Global warming.  That’s like saying “Everyone who eats brussels sprouts will die.” 

Everyone eventually dies.  And when you assume that brussels sprouts was the cause, you’d be right because you’ve excluded other possibilities.

Example #2:  The Scriptures say, “For by grace are you saved through faith” (Ephesians 2:8)

It’s a combination of both that gives you salvation yet religious people will say it’s one and ignore the other.

That’s wrong.

To illustrate this point, look at two chemical elements Sodium and Chloride.

If you consume Sodium by itself, it will kill you.  It’s the same if you eat Chloride.

However, Sodium combined with Chloride = table salt…and you can’t live without that combination.

Make sense?

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