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Farmer Bankruptcies…Prelude to a Commodities Boom

According to Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue (no relation to Perdue chicken) debt among farmers has increased to $409 Billion.  That’s up from $385 Billion from last year.

Too many farmers can’t pay their bills.

Not good.

The last time we saw these debt levels was in the 1980s during the agriculture recession (farm crisis).

It wiped out many farmers, ultimately leading to a commodities boom. 

The formula is simple:  Less farmers = less production = higher food prices.

When you factor in Global Cooling (NOT global warming) you’ll see how agriculture stocks are setting up for a major boom.

Here’s why.

In addition to the oncoming bankruptcies in the farming business you have horrific winters freezing the ground.  This shortens the growing season and makes for much drier summers.

We’ve been saying (for over a year in our newsletter) that the commodity cycle is on the rise.  And a lot of it has to do with Global Cooling.

This goes against the narrative of Global warming but, as you know, we contend that Global Warming is the greatest scam of the 21st century.

It’s all designed to create new taxes and is a sinister way for the boyz in the “Club” to reduce the population.

At the same time, billions will change hands in stocks poised to benefit from starvation, disease, and other unintended consequences resulting from farmer bankruptcies.

This may be a hard pill for you to swallow but you shouldn’t ignore the possibilities.

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