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“White Terrorism” The New Liberal Catch-Phrase

After years of insisting that skin color doesn’t matter especially when discussing crimes, liberals now appear to be jumping at the chance to insist that criminals should be labeled by their skin color.

At least that’s the mind-set echoed by CNN’s Uber-liberal reporter(?)Don Lemon (who happens to be black and gay).

He’s also the one who voiced sentiments about white men being “the biggest terror threat in this country.” 


I’m confused here.

Despite the reality that Black American crime rates are alarmingly high, do you ever hear Lemon or any other reporter ranting about “black terrorism?” (even when racial hatred is part of the crime, as with the attack on Dallas police officers carried out by a man linked to the New Black Panther Party).

When any Middle Eastern type commits an attack, do you hear Lemon labeling it “brown terrorism?”

Of course not; he would instantly be labeled a race-baiter.

Yet replace black or brown with “white” and suddenly this kind of rhetoric is acceptable to the left.

What’s wrong with this picture?

It’s simple.

We’ve given over too many of our liberties to a handful of wealthy people who control what most of the world sees and hears through a bought-and-paid-for media.

Race-baiting themes, such as “White Terrorism,” have become fashionable for leftist thinking liberals.

And, unfortunately, it’s gaining traction.

WHITE MAN BAD…is what they want everyone to believe.

Ironically, the white man makes up less than 10% of the world’s population.

Yet, without the white man, Western civilization would not have produced the vast majority of advancements or luxuries/technologies we enjoy today.

Instead of labeling me a racist for making this point, be sure to read “The Future of the White Man” (HERE).


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