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Are We Educating “White Terrorists?”

The holy rollers might hate me for this but it’s the truth.

So, let me remind you of a famous Scripture: “…and you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.”

John 8:32


Today we have a spirit of anti-Christ in our education system that comes against godly principles.

Our history is being re-written and has effectively removed the godly influence that founded and made this nation great.

At one time, the US was probably the leading nation in the world in education.

We’ve dropped from that position because of those who’ve come against Christianity and Godly principles.

We made a serious mistake when we allowed the government to take over our education system.  At first, they were sympathetic to Christians and they used the Bible and godly books as textbooks.

Not anymore.


Once the govt took over, it was just a matter of time before they changed it.

You could say it’s the Church’s fault and you wouldn’t be wrong.


(I can almost hear people clicking the unsubscribe button with that last comment).

A look back in history shows how it was the church’s’ responsibility to educate children

They were also responsible for reforming convicts.

Once the church abdicated the responsibility of education and prisons to the government, they’ve experienced three main things:

  • The quality of education deteriorated
  • The quality of prisoner reform deteriorated
  • The profits for the US government skyrocketed


Ironically, the government makes way more money (from what used to be the Church’s responsibility) than the Church ever did.

As a result of this flip-flop, any white Christian who takes a stand against infanticide, transgenderism, or any ungodly behavior is labeled a “White Terrorist.”

It’s like they now have a huge target on their back.

The threat is real…and it ain’t going away anytime soon.

Learn how the cultural effect of these changes steals more of our liberties (HERE).

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