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Which Headlines do You Believe?

Today’s headlines are enough to drive a man to drink…or maybe stop drinking.

If you’re paying attention you’ll see that they focus on one of two themes: “Doom Porn” or “Tulip Mania.”

The Doom Porn refers to the addiction to fear while Tulip Mania is greed on steroids.

Just look at four recent headlines I saw all on the same day.

  • This Disaster is Worse Than the 2008 Crisis

  • US Economic Crisis Ahead…Major Failure of Analysts to Spot Danger

  • Make a 50% Gain on This Trendy IPO

  • This Global Index is Screaming Higher

#1 and #2 two focus on fear (Doom Porn) while #3 and #4 are pushing greed (Tulip Mania).

So, who do you believe?

Everything you read today seems to follow the outrageous National Enquirer format.  Because “Enquiring minds want to know.” (Do you remember that?)

Here’s the funny part.

Many of the contrasting headlines and stories (like the ones above) are published by the same company.

Wait!  What?

That’s right, The National Enquirer mentality is alive and thriving in today’s competitive media.


Very simple…It works.

The vast majority of today’s media don’t care about doing what’s right for their readers.  Their main concern is to influence you into what’s known as “group think” and to not think for yourself.

This is a sinister mind set and reminds me of a famous quote.

“Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.”

-Adolf Hitler-

Learn how NOT to be duped by these “so-called” journalists in the December issue of Simplifying Wall Street…in Plain English.


You’ll thank us later.

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