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Bitcoin, The Straw That Breaks the DOLLAR’S Back?

Are you sick of hearing about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies yet?

Personally, I’m fed up (picture holding your hand slightly above your head) to here.

If that’s the case then why am I continuing to write to you about it?

In two words…” it’s sexy.”

And you know how sex gets lots of attention, especially in the world of finance.  (Cue up the movie “Wolf of Wall Street”)

Jordan Belfort (the real Wolf of Wall Street) is on his high horse calling Bitcoin a “Huge Gigantic Scam.”

That’s pretty funny when you consider the fact that he ran one of the biggest scams on Wall Street, before going to jail.  (the country club version)

Whether you find it funny or not, Cryptocurrencies/Bitcoin have only scratched the surface of the multi-Trillion-dollar currency market.

Yes, it’s exploding at an exponential pace.  However, the big money is not in the game, yet.

When that happens (not if, but when) it changes everything.

*Note…Our US dollar has been the World Reserve currency for nearly the last century.  It’s running out of gas and will eventually give up its reign to the next super-power.


Whoever becomes the next world reserve currency king will have some form of cryptocurrency backing it.

In the mean time you need to find out how to profit from this seismic transition in the currency world that’s already under way.

You should not underestimate Bitcoin.

Warning!  It’s a potential mine field.

And if you’re going to walk through it, be sure to follow someone.

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