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Trump and Putin…Like Bacon and Eggs

You might say that the Trump/Putin relationship is like “peanut butter and jelly, coffee and donuts, salt and pepper, burgers and fries, cookies and milk, pancakes and syrup, or maybe rainbows and unicorns.”

At least that’s what the political hacks and presstitutes want you to believe.

It’s truly mind-boggling how the lame stream fools miss the most important synergy about a friendly relationship between Trump and Putin.

I’m going to make this point so simple that you’ll someone to help you misunderstand it.

Are you ready?

The US NEEDS Russia to help contain China.  Period.

The WOBM presstitutes are doing their best to keep you distracted about this vital point with their ongoing hatred of both Trump and Russia.

They do this so you won’t see the August 1, release of the new Chinese military video showing off their range of Advanced Weaponry.

It’s intimidating to say the least.

Or, maybe they want to hide it from public eyes so the MIC has more excuses to gouge the public for increased military spending.  (As if $1 Trillion a year is not enough).

Any way you look at it, China’s military power can’t be denied.  And without Russia as a buffer, the US looks vulnerable.

There’s no doubt Russia and China have strong ties especially when it comes to their combined efforts towards the building of the BRI.  (Belt Road Initiative aka: the new “Chinese Silk-Road).

So, while the WOBM tries to make Trump look stupid (or a traitor for making nicey-nice with Putin) he’s working behind the scenes to foster peace among the three biggest nuclear powers in the world.

The global intrigue here is fraught with danger.

Learn more about it.



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