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When Sharks Starve, They Eat Each Other

If you haven’t noticed by now Wall Street, Politics, the Lame Stream Media and especially Hollyweird, are loaded with sharks.

They’re all starving for attention and, like the subject line says, they’re eating each other.

With all the recent allegations of sexual harassment, assault, groping, etc., you can’t help but realize how pathetic these creeps are.

What makes me laugh about all of this is how everyone claims: “I’m shocked about this, I tell you…shocked.”

Puullleeeeze!  Spare me the hypocritic melodrama.

Ask yourself this question:  Do you believe that all the groping, harassment, etc., is something new?


It’s been happening forever.

I certainly don’t condone this behavior.

But what bothers me most about it is how it’s seems like it’s become “fashionable” to come forward (after 5, 10, or 20 years) and tell the world how “this celebrity/politician/news reporter” violated someone.

It’s a classic example of a few things:

  • It’s a great distraction to get the publics attention (cue up the National Enquirer) away from critical issues.

  • It’s a vicious way politicians attack their opponents.

  • It gives certain people their (Andy Warhol’s) 15 minutes of fame.

When these sharks attack, the blood flow is everywhere.

Even if it was a lie, how would you defend yourself if you were accused of molesting children?

See my point?

Which brings me back to how we’re being distracted from things like how our liberties are being undermined by the “Club.”  (Who inevitably will profit from the tabloid news)

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