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What Stupidity Doesn’t Explain, Incompetence Often Does

If you’re a fan of the New York Times, then you’re going to be offended at what I’m about to say.

But stay with me and I’ll show you how this “American Institution” works hard to sway your investment decisions in a negative way.

Let’s start with how they fabricate report the news.  Instead of reporting they slant stories to influence way too much political opinion.

Why?  It affects the investment world.

Do you think that’s an accident?


Many times, they focus on a topic to distract you from something their overlords don’t want you to see.  But if you take a step back and look at what they’re reporting with “objectivity,” you’ll see how stupid they are.

They don’t do what they’re supposed to do.  And that is to serve the public with an objective viewpoint of current events.

Here’s an example:  The New York Times constantly praises the European Union (EU) and socialism.  But they never report the data to see if they are correct in pronouncing that the EU has created growth rather than destroyed it.

The New York Times and their biased position will NEVER bother to just look at the numbers.

GDP growth in Britain peaked in 1973 and has declined ever since joining the EU. So, what’s the problem? Are the people at the New York Times blind, stupid, or just too corrupt to be objective?

They constantly bash the English because they voted to get out of the EU via the Brexit vote back in June.

It’s been a windfall for the Brits.  But the Times doesn’t report the good news.

My point is all the major news outlets are corrupt to the core.

Are you tired of their crap yet?

Learn how the investment world works from the inside (HERE) and profit from their corruption.


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