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The Majority is Always Wrong

If you grew up in America, you probably heard the saying “The Majority is always right.”  Or, “The majority always wins.”

When you look at it logically it makes sense.

However, the opposite is true on Wall Street.  And the 1% elite “Club” goes to great lengths to assure that the majority is ALWAYS WRONG.

History proves it with market cycles.  And yet investors are constantly blind to the obvious.


I believe it’s because human nature doesn’t change.

Issues change with technology, but human response is always the same…and the “Club” makes billions as a result.

          “Those who don’t study history are doomed to repeat it.  Yet those who do study history are doomed to stand by helplessly while everyone else repeats it.”     –anonymous—

Let me give you a current example.

Today, everyone is crying about how high the markets are or how they’re going to crash soon.  It’s a major focus of the Lame Stream Media.

However, (and this is important to remember) the “majority” of investors are NOT IN the market.

If that’s you, you’ll know what I mean when I point out that since 2008, most investors have been sitting on the sidelines.

In order for the markets to crash, the average investor must be involved.

Today only 14% of trading is from individual investors…hardly a majority.

 If you want to win, you must be in the game.

Find out how to beat the gurus at their own game while everyone else remains on the sidelines (HERE).

You’ll Thank us later.

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