April 14, 2024

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When a Coup is Not a Coup

As usual, America’s Bought-and-Paid-for-Presstitutes flip-flopped (several times) over the weekend leaving us wondering if the Russian Coup is Not a coup.


But the reality is, the outcome of this event – initiated by Yevgeny Prigozhin – may lead to the escalation of war.

And it’s funny how the Presstitutes went from Wagner suffering incredible losses in Ukraine to Wagner invading and conquering Russia in 24 hours.

So, expect future headlines like:

“Just in: The Pentagon has downgraded Wagner’s status from “Terrorist Organization” to “Moderate Rebels”.

And for all the conspiracy theorist out there…

Pentagon finds $6.2 billion accounting error.

Money goes to Wagner Group (Via NATO) to overthrow Putin.

Once the check clears, Wagner calls a truce and keeps the money.

Update: Coup averted. Prigozhin off to Tel Aviv via Belarus. Next comes the payback.

We wonder if Prigozhin was offered a deal he couldn’t refuse by his western moneychanger cousins.




Or is it possible this is likely another part of the Ukrainian – Russian Kabuki theater.

Cue up: Belarus President Lukashenko, who insists he has negotiated a halt to Prigozhin’s move on Moscow and to end a bloody civil war.

We hinted at this happening on March 30th

READ: Putin Putting Nukes in Belarus (HERE)




So, based on this, allow us to speculate…

Lukashenko gives safe harbor to Prigozhin in Belarus. And six months later, Prigozhin falls out of his Minsk apartment window, ten floors up… along with two of his most trusted bodyguards. 

What’s not to understand?

Not a Coup?


But the truth is most of Prigozhin’s power & wealth is tied up in Wagner shell companies organized by the Russian state.

So, he was screwed after a feigned insurrection (or whatever that was we just witnessed) as his troops (and mercenaries) need AND expect to be paid.

Meanwhile, NATO (North Atlantic Terror Organization) has moved to DEFCON 1.




And in Russia, their nuclear forces are at the highest alert because some suspect that Prigozhin has sold out to the West.

Now for the bad news…

Putin’s legitimacy will be smashed if he can’t hold bases or government buildings.


In Case You Missed it… this is how governments have toppled throughout history?

Translation:  He’s losing the mechanics of government because, in the eyes of the Russian Neocons, Putin’s been too moderate regarding Ukraine.

We also wrote about this in March 2022READ: Pray Putin is Not Overthrown (HERE).

It’s also interesting that this is all happening just as Ukraine was getting their azz handed to them on that failed counter-offensive.

Quite the distraction…wouldn’t you agree?

And it’s another reason we wonder if Wagner got an offer he couldn’t refuse from NATO.

Question:  Is this the false flag* we’ve been warning about?

(* Read about false flags HERE)

And they are all in on it.


Ironically (or NOT) exactly 16 months ago, residents of Kiev were fortifying their city to prevent a Russian invasion.

Today, residents of Moscow are fortifying their city to also prevent a Russian invasion.

Will Putin remain in charge?

Find out in our July Newsletter (HERE).

“All war is based on deception.”

~ Sun Tzu 550 BC ~

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