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Weapons of War…Best Used by 2020

You’ve heard us say this before:  “War is a racket.”

And the bulk of profits from war goes to the banksters and the MIC (Military Industrial Complex).

They even have an expiration date on many of their weapons of mass destruction (kinda like you see on a jar of mayonnaise).

This begs the question:  Why did we drop an untold number of bombs (many left over from WWII, Korea, Vietnam, etc.) on Iraq and Kuwait during Desert Storm?

The answer is simple.

The MIC needed to rid themselves of old inventory so they could crank up the war making machines with tons of new equipment…and PROFIT.

It reminds me of that useless bomb (the MOAB) Trump dropped on an empty Syrian air base in an attempt to impress Xi Jing Ping.

Anyway, the reason 2020 is an alleged “Best if used by…” date for bombs and weapons has to do with the election cycle.

The more we flex our military power prior to an election, the more we stoke the fires of patriotism.

It’s designed to keep certain politicians in power.

Please don’t misunderstand me on this.  I believe a strong military is necessary as a Peace Keeping measure.  However, I don’t believe starting wars as a means of keeping the MIC and the banksters profitable is morally correct.

Unfortunately, the US is late in the game of economic global dominance and will eventually surrender the title to China.

As a result, you can expect the aggressive MIC spending to increase and put pressure on creating more wars.  (Preferably not with Russia…but they’re being set up as the boogeyman for us to hate on).

Remember, it’s all about the money and power.

Learn more about it (HERE).

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