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Where Are the Missing Trillions?

As a rookie stock broker in Chicago in the early 80’s I heard a banker say, “A Billion here and a Billion there and before you know it, you’re talking some serious money.”

36 years later the same belief holds true.  The difference is today’s Billion has been replaced by a Trillion.

But the recurring question is, how can we lose track of Trillions of dollars?

This first came to my attention on September 10, 2001 (one day before 9/11) when Donald Rumsfeld (one of Bush’s political hacks) announced that $2.3 Trillion was missing from the Pentagon records.

The next day, no one cared and it was subsequently swept under the rug.

16 years later, a Michigan State University scholar found over $21 Trillion in unauthorized government spending.

This caused no small stir and prompted Trump to conduct the first ever Department of Defense Audit.

That was back in December 2017.

What have you heard about it since then?


So, where are the missing trillions?

Wall Street’s bought-and-paid-for media won’t mention this because the “Club Members” don’t want the Central Banks to be exposed for this outright theft.


That’s right.  The Central Banks are tools enabling a Global Cabal to steal wealth from an unsuspecting public.  (Which, of course, is NEVER reported)

They steal money in order to fund their black budgets (off the books) which, in turn, allow them to keep the edge of controlling the populace.

Sound too bizarre to believe?

Look at the balance sheets of all the major banks that were bailed out after 2008 and you’ll see they were secretly handed multiple Trillions of dollars (our taxpayer dollars) to avoid bankruptcy.

Ironically, the Trillions these banksters received didn’t fix the problems.  Instead, they became very expensive band-aids.

This won’t end well.

Learn how to protect yourself from the eventual day of reckoning of the global banking Cabal.

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