June 2023
June 9, 2023

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Feelin’ the Bern-Out in Food Prices

The Wizardry of Democrat Socialist Presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders is hitting everyone in their pockets…again.

A few weeks ago, “The Bern” came under heat when his staffers demanded to be paid $15.00 per hour.


Ironically, (or NOT) after caving into demands he also announced that he’ll have to lay off workers because of the increased labor costs.


Keep in mind this is the same guy who’s been screaming how everyone should make at least $15.00 per hour.

What a hypocrite!

You could say that Sanders is experiencing a Socialist reality…but he’s still blind to the chain reaction effect of jacking up minimum wages for unskilled labor.

I guess what’s good for the goose isn’t always good for the gander (or in this case, good for the Sanders).

Check out the Food price increases…compliments of fools like Bernie Sanders:


Do the math.

$15.00 per hour translates into you paying 38% more for fast food.

Ironically, (or NOT) the 38% increase comes from a wage increase of 25%.

(For the math impaired, $12.00 per hour increasing to $15.00 = 25%).

You might not think anything of paying $5.87 for a Turkey sub that used to cost $4.25.  Afterall, it’s lunch and people have to eat, right?

The truth is you’re a victim of stealth inflation in more than one way.

Let me explain.

Not only are you paying more (38%), but the portions are smaller.

It’s like the $4.89 box of cereal that now costs $5.25 (it’s only $0.36 more…no big deal, right?)

However, the 24 oz. box of cereal now only contains 18 oz.

Translation:  Your true price increase is OVER 25%.

Inflation (whether you recognize it or not) plays a major part in our economy.

So, instead of “Feelin’ the Bern,” learn how to turn the negative effects of inflation into profit back in your pocket (HERE).


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