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Two Years Ago…

This is another friendly reminder that two years ago we were under the siege of Medical Tyranny.

Back then we had real time data displaying “Covid Deaths” and “Covid Cases” to keep us in fear of a man-made pandemic

And how – like we said many times before – that it was the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on mankind in history.

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But…and this is a very VERY Big Butt…

In 2022 we can’t even accurately count votes on election day…or even close to election day?

AND, the Boyz knew of this issue in advance?


As a result, you should conclude that the longer it takes to tally the votes the less you should believe the results.

But there are several things we know for sure from the Midterm elections:

  1. Florida banned mass mail-in ballots, banned ballot harvesting, requires voter ID, and Governor DeSantis created an election police force.
  2. Florida also had historic win margins across the state for Republicans, while Democrats somehow won close races elsewhere across America during horrific economy.
  3. Do the math… “The proof of the pudding is in the eating.”
  4. Pennsylvania is living proof that the inmates are now running the asylum.
  5. Democrats Criticizing Hershel Walker as “not being black enough” now see that race going into a runoff as 51% is needed for a victory.

But, Two Years Ago…

Ironically (or NOT) this entire joke about taking weeks to determine election results is an insult.

But, just like two years ago, the Whores-Of-Babble-On Presstitutes managed to keep everyone in a constant state of agitation with their “Up To The Second” count of Covid Deaths/Cases and no one made a peep. *

(*Actually, we made more than a peep about it)

READ: Global Perspective on Covid Deaths Simplified  July 22, 2020

So, how were they able to be so accurate and yet we can’t get an accurate vote count?

Unfortunately, we’ll probably never know the answer.

But it does lend credibility to a famous Mark Twain Quote:



What remains to be seen is how the losing parties (on both sides) scream bloody murder over the results.

Unfortunately, the thought of Govt fixing govt is like expecting cancer to cure cancer.


As a result, we expect more civil unrest going into 2023 and beyond.

Are you prepared for it?

But don’t just learn how to deal with it.

Learn how to prosper AND thrive in the Chaos of 2023 in our “…In Plain English” newsletter (HERE).



Invest with confidence.
James Vincent
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