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About That Medical Tyranny Siege…

Yesterday we wrote about how 2 years ago we were under a siege of medical tyranny.

And how convenient it was for the Boyz to report up to the minute on Covid Deaths, but couldn’t do the same for the elections.

Sad to say, the siege of medical tyranny hasn’t gone away.

And although we’ve seen ample proof of medical fraud, admissions of guilt, lack of testing for transmission and OUTRIGHT LIES – just to name a few of the crimes – regarding the entire CoronaHoax, the vermin behind this medical tyranny remain unapologetic.

Consequentially, it’s still alive and well…And it’s lurking in the shadows waiting for the right moment to raise its ugly head again.

Adding insult to this mass murder and global injury, they’re begging for amnesty.

READ: Pandemic Amnesty or Admission of Guilt?  November 3, 2022.

But instead of ranting on I want to illustrate a point by reprinting a post from April 6, 2020 that’s truer today than it was 2 years ago titled Biggest Mass Manipulation of All Times.

Why Medical Tyranny

As my wife and I strolled through Walmart over the weekend, I was stunned to see the majority of shoppers wearing face masks and gloves.

These weren’t ordinary face masks and surgical gloves. 

It seems Walmart shoppers are very creative.

Many wore face masks made out of socks, underwear, bras, panties, head scarves, and even woolen hats

My wife scolded me for my incessant snickering…saying I was being insensitive.  I reminded her that these “worried citizens” – who are following orders to “be cautious” – are the same ones who throw their disposable gloves on the ground in the parking lot.

I noticed how most of the shopping bandits increased their distance from me as we casually walked down the aisles. 

Then at the check-out lines – which were very small – I realized how socially unacceptable my behavior was by not complying with the bright blue “Social Distancing” squares painted on the floor…six feet apart.

The scornful looks I received, from behind the masks, told me that eventually the frightened masses will report people like me to the police for not practicing Social Engineering Distancing.

All kidding aside, this is scary AND dangerous behavior.

It’s part of the Biggest Mass Manipulation of All Time.

It’s truly mind boggling how rapidly the vast majority of the population has cowered in fear to the dictates of “Big Brother.”

What in the world is everyone so afraid of?

While this is happening, the boyz in the “Club” are laughing all the way to the bank.

This entire pandemic madness seems to be predicated on the idea that disease and death are somehow avoidable.

They’re NOT avoidable.

We’re freaking out that a virus – which began in the 2018-19 flu season – has somehow managed to upset our perfect balance with nature.

Afterall, TEN TIMES more people die every year from the regular flu…but that doesn’t count…because it’s not new.

It’s just that this current bout of hysteria seems almost anti-human; as if we should be able to transcend our mortal humanity.

Instead of worrying about death, you should worry about why Bill Gates pledged $100 Million for Dr. Fartaruci to play with through The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease – which is a total conflict of interest – implying that Dr. Fart is Gate’s puppet.

Think we’re making this up?

Go ahead and fact check it and you’ll see how the Gate’s Foundation also gave Fauci’s Foundation an additional $13.5 Million.

Hopefully, someone will file a class-action suit against the Gates Foundation.


So, as we move into 2023 look for more Medical Tyranny to raise its ugly head, in addition of more civil unrest.

And at the same time learn how to prosper AND thrive in these Turbulent Times (HERE).

Share this with a friend…especially if they’ve been harmed by Medical Tyranny.

They’ll thank YOU later.

We’re Not Just About Finance.

But we use finance to give you hope.




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