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Trump’s Triple-Bagger 3D Chess Move

The Trump-Putin meeting in Helsinki, Finland could prove to be ground zero for a significant shift in the balance of world power.

We know by now that the lap-dog media’s hatred for Trump knows no boundaries.  And near the top of their list is his oft-stated intention to improve relations with Russia.  (During the campaign in 2016 Trump made it known about his intention to get along with Moscow).

The mere thought of “improved relations with Russia” is like injecting poison in the veins of our corrupt media.


If Trump and Putin make nicey-nice, the Fake Stream media will have to find another world leader to demonize.

A US/Russia reconciliation would jerk the rug out of the phony justifications of spending hundreds of Billions of dollars annually to counter a “threat” that ended over 25 years ago.

You can almost hear the presstitutes saying: “Oh, the horror of improved relations with Russia.”

It’s sad to say but the truth is the media’s hatred of Russia competes with their personal loathing of President Trump.

And if the meeting is successful, you can bank on Trump pouring salt in their bleeding snowflake wounds.

All this crap about collusion between Russia and Trump has obscured the fact that Russia is the only nation on the earth with a nuclear arsenal that can compete with us.

Isn’t that alone worth considering improving relations?

But wait!

There’s more.

This meeting plays perfectly into Trump’s hammering of the NATO deadbeats treating the US as their “piggy bank.”

The mere thought of the US no longer being at their disposal exposes the fraud of NATO’s long-obsolete alliance.  There is no threat of Russian “military aggression” and they know it.

And let’s not forget how this affects our relations with China.

But we can’t cover it all in this email.

You’ll need to go HERE to find out more.


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