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But…But…What About the Children?

Last week it took less than five minutes for all the screaming snowflakes to forget about the “border crisis” and “children in cages” when Trump announced Brett Kavanaugh as nominee for the Supreme Court.

Seriously, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at how the OUTRAGE about the border crisis was so quickly replaced by outrage over the Kavanaugh nomination.

Which begs the question.

Have you ever seen such open hatred in our country?  (Maybe in 1968).

Of course, it’s being stoked by the “whores of Babylon” media.

These presstitutes continue to assault anything the president does (simply because of their hatred for Trump) and fail to report the news.

Time will tell how aggressive they will be in trying to destroy Brett Kavanaugh but you can be sure it will get even uglier as time goes on.  (As if it didn’t start out ugly).

Meanwhile, the markets keep chuggin along adding to the frustration of the  Doom Porn addicts out there.

The mere fact that the markets haven’t crashed is killing all the Trump haters.

It’s proving the old wall street adage:  The markets move in the direction that frustrates the most investors.

How else do you think the boyz in the “Club” keep themselves rich and the sheeple poor?

Divide and conquer…the oldest strategy in the books.

And if you think it’s going away anytime soon, you need to think again.

Here’s what most investors are missing.  It’s not about Trump, Kavanaugh, or the “children in cages” at the border crisis.

It’s about distractions.

And until you figure that out you’ll be frustrated.

Learn how to figure it out HERE.

You’ll thank us later.

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