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Trump is the Symptom NOT the Cause…

Every time you hear some snowflake crying about how, “Trump’s doing this, or that, and is ruining everything…blah! blah! blah!” you need to understand one thing.

Trump is the symptom of the last 50 years of unadulterated corruption in our political system.

Until you understand that, you will be frustrated with anything or everything he’s doing.

The presstitutes hate him because he’s exposed their biased nature of reporting.

The Republican party hates him because he’s continued to make fools out of all of them.  (That should’ve been obvious when he “spanked” the 17 most powerful Republicans in America during the primaries).

The Democrats hate him because…well, that’s just their nature.  (If that’s not obvious to you by now then you must obviously believe the garbage that the Lame Stream media preaches).

We’ve been in a cycle of discontent for many years.  Not only is the divide between liberals and conservatives widening, it’s leading towards more civil unrest.

And, again, Trump is the symptom of our downward spiral…not the cause.

Over the last several decades we’ve allowed our “so-called leaders” to rewrite history.  And we’ve sat by and watched as they’ve systematically destroyed big chunks of our Constitution.

Today, any attempt to resurrect the foundation on which our nation was built is met with outrage, protest, and violence.

Ironically, the violence is coming from the groups that preach the most about tolerance.

There are no words to explain the kind of nonsense coming from certain politician’s mouths.

Check out this tweet from Texas Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee:


You Can’t Make This Stuff Up.

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