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Trump’s Snowflakes Melt Faster in the Summer

It should come as no surprise to you that the “Snowflakes” I’m referring to are the Social Justice Warriors (SJW) crying over Trump’s every move.

This summer they are melting as a result of Trump’s recent backhanded slap of the G-7 meeting coupled with the success of the Peace accord with Rocket-Man Kim Jong-un of North Korea.

Instead of realizing that no other president in history has sat down to discuss peace with North Korea, snowflakes are soiling themselves over Trump’s audacity in meeting with “The murderous Korean dictator.”

I guess they forget about the many “murderous dictators” in recent history, who’ve met with past presidents such as: Bush, Clinton, Baby Bush, and Obama.  (Some of those names include “Saddam, Gadhafi, Mubarak, and others who ended up murdered or imprisoned).

Snowflakes see Trump, Kim, and Dennis Rodman holding hands, sitting around the campfire, singing Kumbaya while they seeth at the prospects of prosperity for North Korea.

And, adding propane to the flames, North Korea will most likely be building luxury hotels (Cough! Trump Towers [under a different name] Cough!) and have McDonalds popping up all over NK.

You can almost hear them saying, “How dare those capitalists improve the standard of living for an oppressed and impoverished nation.”

On the flip side, Trump put the G-7 on notice that we’re no longer going to be their piggy bank.

The shock and awe from Canadian Prime Minister Justin (Mr. “fake eyebrows”) Trudeau, Germany’s Hillary Angela Merkel, and France’s Emmanuel (“Oedipus complex”) Macron, has been fun to watch.

It’s time you stock up on popcorn to watch this ongoing circus.

These events will profoundly affect our markets.

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