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Ship High In Transit…Acronym For?

This is one of those “get your mind out of the gutter” emails.

Ship High in Transit (Sh*t) was a label falsely said to have been used on shipments of manure/fertilizer to prevent them from becoming waterlogged and releasing explosive methane gas.  (KA-BOOM!)

However, I bring this topic up in order to use the subject of fertilizers as a segue into a sector of the market that’s poised for a lot of explosions later this year. (pun intended)

Back in December we wrote about how the global warming scam will cause a lot of people to miss the upcoming super-cycle in commodities.  (We also said many people will die from food shortages caused by “global cooling”).

Read the article (HERE).

It’s sad to say that we still receive flak from trolling snowflakes about our stance on the global warming scam.  But it makes for great entertainment for the staff at Financial$Matter.

In fact, we’re going to double down on our call for a major cycle being underway in the commodity sector.  And we particularly love the companies who make, market and sell the ship high in transit type products.

In addition to fertilizer stocks, you should consider the industries that benefit from the use of fertilizers (ethanol, livestock, seeds, fresh packaged fruits and vegetables, etc.).

As usual, we don’t make specific stock recommendations (Cough!  Nutrien, Cough! Cough! Mosaic, Cough!) but, again, it’s time to start the selection process.

Friends might tell you this sector of the market is boring (and, for the most part, they’re right).  But boring is good…especially when you make money while others are losing.

Learn how to win by being boring (HERE).





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