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3,454% Return on One Stock…Just Kidding

You’ve seen the ads before: “See How to make 3,454% return with one stock.”

Let’s be real.  Who wouldn’t want to make 3,454% on an investment?

Whether it’s true or not, you have to admit a headline like that is a great hook.

But, C’MON MAN!  How many people do you know who’ve actually made that kind of money?  (1% would be a generous amount).

So, what happens to the other 99% who buy cheesy newsletters that claim to be the Holy Grail of investing?  The truth is, most investors fail to make the “Big Score.”  Then, they become frustrated and end up jumping to the next hypedup well written “Secrets of Samurai Warriors for Buying Stocks” letter only to repeat the same process.

(My favorite happens to be “God’s Hidden Secrets in the Bible for Investing”)

Don’t get me wrong.  Not all newsletters are misleading.  Many are extremely well written and compelling.

However, the vast majority are written by copywriters with little or NO experience on Wall Street.

And here’s what’s laughable; there are many writing gurus instructors who claim an aspiring writer with NO EXPERIENCE in the financial world has an advantage over those with experience.

They rationalize this by saying the inexperienced writer can be more unbiased when using research effectively.


That’s like saying you should consult your cousin Homer about your medical conditions because he reads a lot about medicine.

My point is simple.  A man with an experience is NEVER at the mercy of a man with a theory.

At Financial$Matter we have over 108 years combined front-line Wall Street experience.

We know how to separate the wheat from the chaff.  And we make it easy for you to understand…in Plain English.

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