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Force Majeure or Horse Manure

Force Majeure or Horse Manure?

Before I start my rant today, let’s look at what the dictionary says.

force ma·jeure

ˌfôrs mäˈZHər/


noun: force majeure

1. unforeseeable circumstances that prevent someone from fulfilling a contract.

2. irresistible compulsion or greater force.

Okay, what does this mean to you as an investor?

In Plain English, it’s a polite way to say you’re gonna get screwed.  And the “officials” who announce “Force Majeure” will also holler “Who could have foreseen this happening?”

It’s kinda like back in 2008 with the real estate crisis.  Remember that?  (Sorry, that’s another topic for another time so let’s get back on track).

As an investor, when someone (government, corporation, or individual) declares “force majeure” they are saying they’re broke and can’t pay you.  Sorry, sucker!

Well, to that I’ll say, “Horse Manure,” because it’s a legal way to lie and cheat people out of what’s rightfully theirs.

Sure, you can sue them.  But you’ll be tied up in court for years and lose more money in legal fees and be lucky if you end up with ten cents on the dollar.

I’m writing this as a warning that “Force Majeure” is coming soon.

I can’t say exactly when but I’ll tell you what sector will be hit hardest.

Gold bugs out there will agree when I say the Commodities Exchange (COMEX) will be the first place.

And anyone who thinks they own gold via the COMEX (paper gold vs. physical gold) are in for a shocker when the chickens come home to roost.

Simply said, your gold will disappear with the stroke of a Force Majeure pen.

You can learn more about it (and how to safeguard your gold) in the May issue of Understanding Wall Street In Plain English. (HERE)

Don’t get caught

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Invest confidentally,



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