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Raped, Pillaged, and Plundered…by Apple

Did you see Monday’s headline “Corporate destruction at its finest?”

Of course, you didn’t because it doesn’t exist.  You have to do some serious connecting of the dots to uncover this evil plot.

What Apple (everyone’s favorite company) did to Imagination Technologies (Symbol IMG.L) was a classic example of how huge corporations destroy small companies.

It’s an ugly but familiar story on Wall Street.

Almost three years ago, IMG.L extended its license agreement with Apple to supply their graphic technology in new Apple products (including phones, watches, and tablets).

IMG.L’s sales went through the roof (the stock nearly tripled in 2016 alone).

But they soon found out how dangerous it was having Apple as your biggest customer.

You see, on Monday, April 3, Apple announced they were cancelling their contract with IMG.L.

The stock dropped over 65% within minutes.

Ahhh, but there’s more to this story.

A quick peek behind the curtain shows how Apple ruthlessly went after IMG.L.

In the last two years Apple began hiring top talent and key executives (as many as 25) away from IMG.L (see Apple Insider October 2016).

Let’s do the math:

  • Apple steals the best employees from IMG.L

  • Then, they cancel their contract (essentially bankrupting them)

  • Now Apple will buy all their patents (and what’s left of the company) for pennies on the dollar

It’s not the first-time Apple’s done this nor will it be the last.  The question is Who’s Next?

Undoubtedly IMG.L will sue Apple.  But who would you bet on in that lawsuit?

The shareholders of IMG.L should have seen it coming…but they didn’t connect the dots.

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