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The Ultimate Exploitation of Women…Abortion


Hold on! 

Before you start cursing me, look at this: 

Not only was Alice Paul an American Suffragist and author of the original Equal Rights Amendment, she also was the architect of some of the most outstanding political achievements on behalf of women in the 20th century.

(I thought that by throwing in those credentials, the vagina hat wearing crowd might go easy on me…but I seriously doubt it.)

What amazes me is why they continue to read anything I write.  Maybe it’s morbid curiosity.  Or, maybe they’re looking for some truth in their dark world and somehow think they’ll find it with me.

Ahhhh, one can only hope.

Anyway, I wonder how many feminists today see the logic in Paul’s viewpoint of “Ultimate Exploitation?”

The abortion advocates scream about their “rights” to kill their babies but do they ever consider that around 50% of abortions are females?

If women’s rights are so important, what about the rights of these female babies?


I say all this to say that the fireworks will light up the sky after Ruth Bader Ginsberg finally kicks the bucket.

It opens the door for Trump to appoint another SCOTUS judge and the leftists will go bonkers.

His top choice will most likely be Amy Coney Barrett, who happens to be a very conservative judge. 

This will pose a major threat to the roll back of Roe v Wade from 1973.  So, if you thought the Kavanaugh hearings were hysterical, wait until you see the opposition come out of the woodwork for the next SCOTUS nominee.

This is all part of the 2019 Political Year From Hell that’s unfolding right under your nose.

The implications are huge and far reaching.

Don’t keep your head buried in the sand on this.  There’s always a way to profit in chaotic times.

Learn how:

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