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You Can’t be Insulted Unless…

Question:  What’s one of the most common links between politicians and/or Hollywood/corporate elitists?

Answer:  They all think their trash talking is important to someone besides themselves.

Unfortunately, most people fall victim to this kind of childish behavior and become “INSULTED” when someone says something they don’t like.

In fact, the elites use it as an excuse to start a trash talkin’ war.

(I’m not referring to Donald Trump vs the rest of DC…although that scene makes for great political humor.)

Being insulted is a result of one thing.

Personal pride or arrogance.

The following meme sums it up nicely:

This whole scenario gets even entertaining when Hollywood elitists get caught up in a fight with corporate America.

Such is the case with the ongoing squabble between Tesla CEO Elon Musk and his ex-girlfriend (simply named Grimes) and her former friend “alleged” singer-rapper Azealia Banks.

Currently, these two women are now involved in the securities fraud lawsuit between Tesla shareholders and Musk…and, boy do they have a lot to sing about (pun intended).

A recent article sums up the war of words nicely in this article:

“Elon Wants This Fat P*ssy”: Azealia Banks Posts Text Message Flame War With Grimes

Read it (HERE).


These babes put the “ho” in Hollywood and in hooker. 

Wouldn’t it be ironic if they’re responsible for taking down the untouchable government crony, Musk?

Read more about it in our February issue of “…In Plain English.”

And share this with someone you know who owns a Tesla.

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