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Lessons From 2018…Extremes Can Become Extremer

Do you remember January 2018?

Everyone was giddy over the massive surge in the stock markets after the great finish in December 2017.

Then came February.

It was ugly to the point of many investors freaking out and subsequently bailing out of the market at the lows (typical behavior).

After a quick reversal in late February the first week in March looked promising…until late March.

By then most people were fed up with the extreme market movements and moved to the sidelines.

By September 2018 the S&P reached an all-time high (the DJIA reached it’s all-time high in October 2018).

Then, November and December shifted to extreme mode again and the toilet was flushing everyone out again.

Since the December lows the DJIA and S&P are up 11-12%.

However, for the calendar year of 2018 the DJIA and S&P indexes were down 8.5-9.5%.

If you were on the plus side in 2018, congratulations!  You beat the crap out of most of the experts.

Even if you were down 1 or 2% you still beat the crap out of the experts.


It’s simple math.

It’s a lot harder to make up a 9% loss than it is a 1% loss.

However, if you got out of the markets you have NO CHANCE of getting back your losses.

The important lesson is, “What did you learn from 2018?”

We constantly preach how most people make mistakes investing because they don’t know how to Listen to the Markets.

We don’t believe the gloom and doomers who say the markets are going to crash.  Instead, we believe most people will continue to stay out of The Most Hated Bull Market in History.

2019 will likely be more extreme than 2018…and you should expect the markets to re-test the lows from Christmas eve sometime in the near future.

So, if you want to make the most of it, you must learn how to hear what the markets are saying.

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