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The Skid-Mark On the Underwear of Politics


Washington and Wall Street have been in bed together for over 100 years.  Their relationship is nothing short of incestuous.

Far too often they appear as enemies with the DC boyz demanding that “heads will roll on Wall Street” or “We’re out to protect the average investor from these major banks corruption.”

The truth is the boyz in DC depend on – and encourage criminal actions by Wall Street – the banksters to help stuff their coffers.

A classic example of this is the astronomical number of fines paid by the banksters to escape criminal charges from the 2008 debacle.

According to an article in Fortune MagazineBanks across the world have paid about $321 billion in fines since the 2007-2008 financial crisis as regulators stepped up scrutiny.

Stepped up scrutiny?


I have a couple of questions here.


  • If they paid $321 Billion in fines to escape criminal prosecution, how much did they make in order to be able to pay the fines?
  • If regulators were doing their job (by stepping up scrutiny), how did they miss all of the thievery in the first place?
  • Where did all the money from those fines go?


The boyz never answer those questions because 1) They hide their profits by laundering money. 2) The regulators are all on the take.  3) The money from the fines goes right back into government agencies (NOT to investors) to keep the machine running smoothly.

Ironically (or NOT) they take turns being the bad guy but want you to believe their intentions are noble.

So, here we are looking at an economy that was shattered in the month of March only to have miraculously recovered within 10 weeks.

Do you think there might have been some behind the scenes deals cut prior to the release of the CoronaFraud enabling certain politicians to bail out of the market before the crash?

It’s only a matter of time before we’ll hear who is guilty of insider trading and then the law suits begin “To Protect the average investor.”

The process takes years and eventually leads to big fines for the boyz in the “Club.”

Wash! Rinse! Repeat!

In the meantime, you’ll soon see volatility in the markets go through the roof.

You see, it’s the market madness that covers up the skid-marks these criminals leave all over their political underwear.


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