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Revolutions Start With Increased Taxes


For all the wannabe protesters who somehow feel that looting, rioting, destroying property, burning buildings, etc. is your way of stopping racism, I’ve got news for you.

You’re an idiot.

The real revolutions and riots will begin when these fools realize they’ve been manipulated in doing the dirty work of a handful of megalomaniacs who want to control the world.

When the looting is done and the cities go about trying to repair the damage, the sheeple won’t realize that they’re being taxed out the wazoo to cover the damages they created.

That’s when many “Protestors” will be forced out of their homes for not paying their taxes.

What we’re witnessing today is a well-coordinated effort to stir the global frustration pot which ultimately keeps the sheeple from seeing how their wealth is being stolen by the boyz in the “Club.”

Think I’m kidding?

History shows us that the REAL revolutions come as a result of Increased TAXES and not from protestors looking to steal some TV’s.

While many of these protestors believe they’re serving a higher cause (by destroying innocent people’s livelihood) they’re clueless as to how ugly things will get when the total loss of confidence in government hits home.

Little do they know that we (taxpayers) are on the hook for $7 Trillion of newly created digital money to bail out the banksters on Wall Street.

How will that eventually get paid?

If you guessed increased taxes, you win a gold star.

The real crime here is that it’s all a front for governments around the world desperately trying to cover-up for their bankrupt pensions.

The bad news is it’s mathematically impossible to fix the problem.

Unfortunately, it will open a Pandora’s box of revolution that will make today’s riots look like a picnic.

Keep in mind the elite 1% aren’t stupid and they’ll profit while others panic and lose fortunes in the imminent madness.

Don’t be their victim.

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