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In Scotland: Kill a White On Sight


Of all places, BLM protesters in Scotland were recently seen holding signs that said “Kill a White on Sight.”

It sure doesn’t sound like a peaceful protest to me.

However, it is a reflection of an ongoing anti-white movement to divide and conquer.

Douw, a native South African friend who escaped the slaughter of white farmers 30 years ago, wrote to me saying:  “James, the US is starting to look like South Africa in the early stages of its race wars.  This is very disturbing.”

Indeed, it is, Douw!

And while we don’t believe “white genocide” can exist in the US, we need to question our thinking after seeing BLM radicals carrying signs like “Kill a White on Sight.”

Once again, we’ll remind you that the hatred you’re seeing around the globe is being stoked by a small group of extremely powerful megalomaniacs (Cough! George Soros, Cough! Cough!) who WANT to destroy the economy.

Ironically (or NOT) their agenda is built around Climate Change/Green New Deal programs that allows them to advance a socialist agenda.

In Plain English it means taking control and taxing everyone out the wazoo.

Think I’m kidding?

Watch and see how, one by one, states are increasing their real estate taxes in an attempt to make up the losses they incurred by forcing everyone to #StayAtHome and putting people out of work.

This has created an angry mindset that’s only starting to manifest in the form of “peaceful protests” which seem to quickly devolve into riots and race wars.

The results?  You can expect things to get very ugly as we move into the heat of the summer…and the markets will respond in like manner.

Translation:  Increased violence in the streets = increased Volatility in the markets.

DON’T get blindsided.

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Your financial survival may just depend on it.



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