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The New World Order =Voluntary Slavery

It’s rare to find someone who endorses slavery.

However, it’s been around since the origins of man.

I’m not saying it’s right.  I’m simply pointing out that most people fail to recognize how civilizations have tolerated it throughout history.

It’s usually been in the form of one group dominating or overpowering another group then subjecting them to be there slaves.

Today, however, we’re moving towards a New World Order that’s convincing the population into becoming voluntary slaves.

Like all sinister developments, todays’ voluntary slavery is rooted in innocence.

The main culprit???


More specifically, Student Loan Debt…currently in excess of $1.4 Trillion.  It’s larger than all the combined credit card debt in America.

Sad to say that the vast majority of this debt has resulted in worthless degrees for kids who can’t find work.  But they’re stuck with this enormous debt that’s non-forgivable even if they declare bankruptcy.

You can thank Bill and Hillary Clinton for this. 

In addition, you can thank them for indoctrinating this entire future generation of “Leaders” in an uber-liberal education system that undermines our Constitution.

Simultaneously, this worthless mountain of debt is accelerating the shift towards a New World Order.

Add it to the list of “unfunded liabilities” that eventually gets passed on to us (taxpayers).

Not good for anyone who’s paying attention.

The problem is most people aren’t paying attention because they’re consumed in their own personal debt.

You can call it anything you want but the bottom line is its Voluntary Slavery.

And if continues to go unchecked, the voluntary status turns into oppressive slavery.

And that’s what the boyz in the “Club” are banking on.

They understand Proverbs 22:7

“The rich rules over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender.”

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