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A poster advertising 'Reefer Madness', an anti-drugs exploitation film, dealing with the pitfalls of marijuana smoking, directed by Louis J. Gasnier, 1936. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Dems Throw “Creepy Joe” Under the Bus

Now that Joe Biden is no longer under the “hands-off” protective blanket of the Obama administration, he’s now getting a dose of reality.

Rightfully so.

More videos and photos are emerging of him fondling, sniffing, groping, and even giving unwanted kisses to numerous women and young kids.

Insiders in Washington have known about Biden’s inappropriate and very creepy behavior for years.

But, until recently, the Whores-of-Babylon media presstitutes have purposely ignored his Harvey Weinstein/Charlie Rose-like behavior.

(Ironically, media elitists such as Meghan McCain, Mika Brzezinski, and Alyssa Milano still defend him).

The Dems, however, know that he’s toxic.   

So, they want to assure he pulls out as a presidential candidate.  (We’re only seeing the tip of the iceberg here).

Why else would they allow their bought-and-paid-for presstitutes to highlight good ole’ Uncle Joe’s perversions?

It’s more proof that they’re in self-destruct mode. 

And you can rest assured that before 2020 there will be more sacrifices at the “Altar of Liberal/Progressive Thinking.”

You’ll want to keep lots of popcorn handy to enjoy the circus.

Meanwhile, the Biden distractions de jour act as great cover for the panic that’s become rampant in the Democrat party since the Mueller probe revealed NO COLLUSION with Russia.

Again, you should see this as more proof that the Democrat party is in desperation mode.

In order to win more votes, the next thing you know they’ll be demanding reparations for blacks because of slavery.

Oh, wait!

So, as 2019, The Political Year from Hell continues don’t ignore the fact that we’re still in The Most Hated Bull Market in History.

…And we’ll soon witness the trading opportunity of a lifetime.

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