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Is Adam Schiff a Traitor to Humanity?

It was only a few short months ago that the Democrat House Intelligence Committee Chairman, Adam Schiff (along with Maxine Waters) vowed revenge and a ramped-up Russiagate if the Dems take the House in November.

Well, we know how that worked out.

Unfortunately, most people don’t remember how (for nearly two years) little Adam Schiff’s main function was to discredit the Presidency of Trump by creating an atmosphere of increasing tensions between the US and Russia.

In other words, he did everything in his power to hinder Trump’s efforts to reduce the dangerous tensions between the nuclear superpowers.  (Tensions that the Clinton, George W. Bush, and Obama regimes created).

Not so ironically, the Whores-of Babylon media presstitutes continued to cheer Schiff on as a hero who essentially endangered the existence of all life on the planet.

And even after Republicans called his bluff on showboating the Russia probe, this deep-state “puppet” is desperately trying to discredit anyone (even Mueller) who disagrees with him.

The question is:  What (or who) is he trying to cover up?

Based on what we know so far in the Mueller report, Schiff looks to be guilty of treason.

Maybe that’s why he’s Rejected Mueller’s report and wants him to testify in front of Congress.

We may never know the complete content of the Mueller report but any way you shake it, the creepy Adam Schiff is shaking in his shoes over something seriously threatening.

Just look at him on camera.  It looks as if he’s seeing Jackals surrounding him…and they probably are.

As 2019, The Political Year from Hell continues down the road to perdition, you should expect many surprises along the way.

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