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The Gospel According to Wall Street

If the subject line of this email hasn’t offended you, then good!

However, to those who are offended, keep reading…I’m certain you’ll be even more offended.

To start, let me clarify the definition of Gospel.

Simply stated, it means “good news.”

In fact, it’s a superlative in the Greek language that means “nearly too good to be true news.”

All of you holy-rollers out there should know this.

And for the rest of you heathens out there, you now know the true meaning of the word Gospel.

Using Wall Street in the same sentence with The Gospel would surely cause the nuns I had in grade school to remind me that I was going straight to hell.

(Hopefully by now, Sister Mary-Katherine and Sister Katherine-Mary have forgiven me for eating meat on a Friday and have realized I’m not going to hell for that either).

But I digress.

Instead of Gospel, let’s say The Good News according to Wall Street.

It seems more palatable to the easily offended snowflake.

Sad to say, it’s more deceptive in that Good News for Wall Street is almost always Good News for Wall Street…and not the average investor.

Let me clarify.

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Sell the Rip and Buy the Dip”?

In Plain English it means sell when you hear good news and buy when it seems the news couldn’t get any worse.

Sound contradictory?

It’s not so much contradictory as it is sinister.

That’s why Wall Street’s Gospel is designed to keep you in the poor house.

The boyz in the “Club” don’t want you to know this and many other tactics they use against you and every other investor.

Be WE know the inside game and share it with you every month.

See for yourself.

Go ahead…click the link.

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