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Napoleon Warned Us of This…

The Chinese dragon of which Napoleon warned is awakening.

For you millennials who might not know who Napoleon was, think of it this way…China and Russia are becoming BFF’s.

Why is this significant?

Russia and China appear – at least for now – to have overcome their historic mutual suspicion and animosity.

For centuries, Russia has been the menacing power against China that stole large parts of Eastern Siberia in the 1800s.

In the imagination of many Russians, China still appears to be the modern incarnation of the Mongol hordes of the past.   They effectively held ancient Russia in feudal bondage.

Today that’s all changed and you’re not going to hear much about it in the Fake-Stream media.

Recently, approximately 303,000 Russian, Chinese and Mongolian soldiers engaged in massive maneuvers in eastern Siberia and naval exercises in the Sea of Japan and Sea of Okhotsk.


You didn’t hear about that in your local news coverage?

That’s no surprise.

And you probably didn’t hear that President Vladimir Putin, who has attended the war games with his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, just offered to end the state of war between Russia and Japan that has continued since 1945.

There are many reasons why these war games are taking place between Russia and China.  And the subtlest message is it’s a demonstration of the improved effectiveness of Russia and China’s military and as a warning to the US and its NATO minions not to pick a fight with Russia over Ukraine, Syria or the Black Sea.

This is a major shift in the transition of world powers that’s purposely ignored by our media presstitutes.

And the Chinese Dragon of which Napoleon warned, is awakening.

Discover how it affects your future at the link below.


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