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The 2 Most Important Rules for Investing

Have you ever wanted a “sure fired” method for investing?

You know, one that’s NOT LIKE those cheesy newsletters claiming they use ancient secrets of some never-before-heard-of tribe in the Himalayas…OR…Our “secret code” is guaranteed to make you a fortune.

(It still amazes me how many people fall for those gimmicks)

Personally, I hate those things.

They’re complicated, usually very expensive and (worst of all) they don’t work.

How do I know that?

Been there, done that.  So, don’t feel bad if you’ve fallen for the hype before.

It’s impossible to list all the rules for investing that actually make sense.  And, if you’re like me, you wouldn’t remember them anyway.

So, being a simple-minded guy, I’ve narrowed it down to TWO RULES to follow.

If you establish the mindset of these two rules before you invest, you’ll have more confidence in your choices.  You’ll also sleep better at night.

Who wouldn’t want that?

Here they are:



Now, before you get upset and say, “That’s impossible, everyone loses money,” remember I said, “If you establish the MIND-SET of these two rules…”

The mind-set is the key to investing.  (not some secret Samurai method)

We’re preparing a Special Report titled “The Mind-Set of Not Losing Money” and it will be available soon for $14.95.

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