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Shitholes and Turd-World Countries

If you didn’t see the recent media frenzy about Trump calling Haiti and certain African countries “Sh*tholes,” you must have been in a coma…or living under a rock.

Once again, this is a blatant assault.  Not on Trump but on you the citizens/taxpayers that keep the political circus running at full tilt.

It’s a classic “Look here!  Don’t look there!” tactic to keep you off the scent of some serious stuff  going down.  And it works every time.

Let me prove my point.

​​​​​​​How many of you caught the recent story about Alaweed bin Talal, (AbT) being thrown into a nasty Saudi prison after he refused to pay $6 Billion for his freedom?  (He was the Saudi prince who used the Vegas shootings as a cover-up while trying to assassinate his cousin Mohammed bin Salam, (MbS).  (HERE)

You probably missed it because the media frenzy over the word “sh*thole is a great attention grabber.

AbT will likely be tortured to death in prison (along with many other Saudi princes) as MbS continues his own version of Draining the Saudi Swamp.

No one’s going to miss these guys except the Clintons, Bush’s and most of their deep-state contacts.


They’ve been in bed with AbT for decades and their stranglehold on the price of oil is rapidly slipping away. (no pun intended)

Remember, we constantly remind you to look beyond the distracting headlines tossed out by the Fake Stream Media.  Instead, learn how to “Connect the Dots” of events that seem to slip under the radar. (pun intended)

Be sure to read our follow-up story about the Saudi Circus played out it real-time. (HERE)

You’ll Thank Us Later.

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