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Sunday Funnies, If You’re Not Offended…

Welcome back to this week’s edition of the Mother’s Day Sunday Funnies, where we rejoice in honoring our Mothers for several reasons:

  1. If it weren’t for them, you wouldn’t be here
  2. It’s also the day where you should be grateful that your mom decided not to abort you
  3. Regardless of how the trans ideology crowd tries to convince you that “love is love,” there is no love that can match that of a true mother.

Unfortunately, women’s rights have also suffered as a result of the WOKE crowd relabeling mothers as “birthing units.”

Shame on all of you.




But, true to form, real mothers never compromise right from wrong…and their value to the world is most accurately described in Scripture.

She is more precious than rubies, And all the things you may desire cannot compare with her.

~ Proverbs 3:15 ~




Speaking of mothers, last week the Democrats managed to drag out their idea of motherhood – parading in a wheelchair – the “Mother of all reasons for Term Limits” …like they did with Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

Caption This:    “ARRRGGGHHH!”




Not to be outdone by the Dems, Trump pulled off the Mother of All Town Hall Meetings last week.

Which ironically (or NOT) gave CNN higher ratings than Porn Hub.




As expected, reactions from Trump haters were off the charts.




As a result, Uber liberal CNN fans are having a change of heart.




Also, controversy over the border intensified as Trump’s Title 42 came to an end.

But that didn’t stop enterprising young men from taking advantage of Kamala Harris’ flawed border policies.




And now that our borders are being overwhelmed with migrants, Trump releases his newest hat.




Ironically (or NOT) while most of the major media Presstitutes keep shooting themselves in both feet, we’ve found a meme that describes their helplessness.

For them, it just keeps going around, and around, and around…




But that’s precisely why we publish the Sunday Funnies.

You see, we use our funnies/memes/cartoons to counter the madness and frustration that accompanies Turbulent Times.

Because when it is all said and done, we all need to laugh every now and then.


Laughter is good for your soul.

And it’s healthy to be a bit silly…especially in the face of fear mongering, medical tyranny, and especially the threat of WWIII.

It’s all the more reason why we won’t apologize…especially if our Funnies just happen to hurt some Progressive/Socialist/Communist/Globalist’s feeeellwwings.

And please remember:

The Sunday Funnies are not just about our nations bizarre state of politics/finance/beliefs.

It’s about awareness of what’s happening in the world that we choose to poke fun at.

And, if our funnies/memes/cartoons/etc. provide you with a laugh or two – and/or open your eyes to some stark realities – then we consider that a victory.

So, when things tend to get a bit overwhelming, we believe it’s best to remember that Humor is Waaaayyyyy better than Hatred…which is contrary to what the world wants you to believe.

And we hope you see the Sunday Funnies as a refreshing oasis in the middle of a parched, dry, and increasingly dark world that we’re living in.

As always, we remind you:  As difficult as things might appear, Evil Always Overplays its Hand…And Righteousness Prevails.

Thanks again for joining us on this crazy journey we’re on and remember America Was Built by the Brave, Not by the Fearful…

P.S.  The Madness Ends When We Say NO!


People Who Ride Motorcycles Will Relate 





How Old Were You When You Realized This?





Some People Think They’re a Badass, But…





One of the Lesser-Known Benefits of Growing Older…





It’s Official…Rolling Stone (a once highly respected source of Journalism) Has Joined the Whores-Of-Babble-On Presstitutes





Another Friendly Reminder of What the Globalists Shoved In Your Face Over a Fake Pandemic





And Now That the Debt Ceiling is Back in Focus, Here’s a Great Explanation Politician Don’t Want You to Know








As Hollywood Hypocrisy Turns On One of Their Own Favorite Boys…





Meanwhile, Hollywood WOKE Writers Suffer as They Strike, Costing Billions in Revenue





Oh! The Irony in Hollywood





Speaking of Irony…





Have You Ever Wondered Why Cars in Movies Make You Want to Scream?





How Do You Mistake an Owl for a Mushroom?





Nothing Says:  “You Can’t Make Fun of Disabled People” More Than Their Own Foundation





The Solution for Those Poor Students Whose Feeelllwings Get Hurt in College





When You Exude Confidence





And Now that Elon Musk has Named a George Soros Puppet as Twitters New CEO, the Only Free Speech Platform Left Appears to be GAB





What Would the Sunday Funnies be Without Gun Memes?





About Those Deaths From AR-15s…





And as the Topic of Putting Foreign Objects in Places They Don’t Belong Continues…





When They Say “I Just Want to Be Left Alone…”





Meanwhile, as Disney’s Stock Keeps Taking a Pounding (no pun intended) 

Gee!  I Wonder Why They Lost Soooo Many Subscribers?





How Many of You Can Relate to This?









That’s all for this week’s edition of the Sunday Funnies.

Unless, of course, you want to see more risqué and/or NSFW memes… you can find them (HERE).

And throughout the Political Chaos of 2023, you can rest assured we’ll poke fun at many of the headline grabbers every weekend, as usual.

As always, we hope you enjoy our memes/cartoons/rants etc. and that they bring a smile to your face.

We love to hear your comments so keep ‘em coming.

And although the world seems pretty dark these days, we encourage you to see why you have a lot to hope for in 2023 and beyond (HERE).

In the meantime, be sure to share these funnies with friends and family members.

Caution: They may get offended.

But remind them…It’s important to laugh together and laugh often.

And be sure to tell them…

We’re Not Just About Finance…but we use finance to give you hope.

See You Next Sunday…

Invest with confidence.
James Vincent
The Reverend of Finance
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