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Lockdown Loneliness Looming Large

A phenomenon we call Lockdown Loneliness appears to be creeping into our everyday lives.

And it’s directly related to the rise in anti-social behavior thanks to the CoronaHoax that plagued us (pun intended) and forced medical tyranny from a few years ago.

The forced mandates of masks, get jabbed or lose your job, social distancing, stay away from everyone and save lives, ad nauseum, may seem like it’s behind us.


But it’s not.

And this is not limited to millennials, Gen X, Gen Z, etc.…although they seem to be the most compliant.

This became apparent to me during a recent conversation with a good friend – who is also a long-time subscriber to our newsletter – named Laura.

Laura is a well-educated and well-adjusted Baby Boomer.

And who is quite articulate and not afraid to take a stand against the madness we’ve experienced since the beginning of the CoronaHoax.

But what surprised me was a comment she made while shopping in a fancy (high-end) mall in the suburbs.

Her comment:

When I was walking through the mall, enjoying displays in the storefronts, and minding my own business, a strange thought occurred to me.   

What would I do if someone started shooting up this place like we hear about in the news?

And that was when I realized how Laura – and millions of others – are victims of the media’s ongoing infliction of ‘A Constant State of Agitation.’ 


Of which the net effect has produced Lockdown Loneliness.

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Net Effect of Lockdown Loneliness

While it may not seem obvious, the net effect of Lockdowns has disrupted what we once believed was normal behavior in society.


And that ‘normal behavior’ didn’t consist of people being afraid of getting shot in a shopping mall.

But as Laura and I discussed – and thanks to Covid – we’ve been conditioned to believe that we should be afraid, paranoid, not trust anyone, and change our belief system to being WOKE.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact, during turbulent times is when we need more fellowship…with friends, families, and like-minded people.

Associating With Others is the Foundation of Society.

And the Boyz behind the scenes know that by keeping you in a “Constant State of Agitation” they’ll be more likely to control and manipulate your behavior.

Don’t take the bait.

Instead, understand that the overpopulation propaganda – being pushed by Bill Gates – is just part of the collapse of Western Civilization.

The bottom line???

We are dealing with some dangerous psychopaths running around advocating global genocide.

And the more they convince you to be antisocial, stay indoors, don’t mingle with friends, etc., the easier it will be for them to take control of our remaining freedoms.

Again, don’t take the bait.

Learn how to fight back and preserve our future in the May edition of “…In Plain English” (HERE).

Share this with a friend…especially if they have symptoms of Lockdown Loneliness.

They’ll thank YOU later.

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