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Social Media…A Love/Hate Relationship

Let’s be honest.

Since social media has taken over a major part of our lives, are you:

  • Better informed?

  • Happier?

  • More or Less Confused?

  • Angry to the point of wanting to “choke someone?”

Or are you one of the millions who “can’t live without it?”

Regardless of your answer, most people admit to having a love/hate relationship with their “tweeting, posting, sharing, texting, snapchatting, or insta-graming” with friends and strangers alike.

Rightfully so.

The Love side comes from the mind-boggling advancement of technology allowing us access to information and communication from practically anywhere on the planet.

This same technology represents the Hate side of the equation as well.

Example:  How many times have you thought:  “I wish I hadn’t read that article?” or “There’s no way I can un-see that image?”

We’ve all probably said that.  Yet, we continue to blindly go down the social media yellow brick road in search of the Emerald City.

It all seems so harmless.

However, what you might not realize is how Social Media has accelerated the media/entertainment industry’s morphing into one entity.

They represent one of the “mountains of influence” on our culture…And they’re in a fierce battle for your eyes and ears.

Unfortunately, they’re controlled by a handful of powerful global sociopaths who understand the power of social media…and their style is Orwellian.

The good news is, social media gives “The voice of one crying in the wilderness” the same access to those with “ears to hear.”

The $64 Billion question is:  “Who are You Listening to?”

At Financials Matter, we believe you have the right to know how the world (Especially the Financial World) operates behind the curtain.

It’s why we exist.

Get an in-depth look (HERE).

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