December 2022
December 2, 2022

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The 4 Letter Word Banksters Fear Most

False Evidence Appearing Real (FEAR) is one of Wall Street’s favorite words.

They use it to beat you into submission by playing with your emotions.

GREED is another favorite word used by the “Club” members to keep you from hearing what the markets are saying.

There’s no doubt that these two words conjure up negative vibes.  And when you step back to look at the Big Picture, you’ll see how the vast majority of financial presstitutes thrive on Fear and Greed.

(Example:  How often have you seen a company post a good earnings report and yet, the stock gets slaughtered because some [so called] “analyst” puts a negative twist on what looks like good news?  Or the opposite happens when a company issues a bad report but the “analyst” says that “bad is good” and the stock goes up.)

More often than not those tactics are used when a big player wants to dump a stock or add to their position.  And many times, it’s done within a family of funds all managed the same company (Cough! Vanguard, Cough! Cough! Fidelity)

However, there’s a four-letter word that most banksters don’t want you to embrace.

It goes against nearly everything they stand for.  And they’ll even use it to give you the impression that they have your best interests in mind.

Don’t buy in to their Sanctimonious Hypocrisy.

The word they fear most is HOPE.

I don’t mean hope in the sense that you buy a stock and “hope” it goes up.  (Everyone “hopes” their stocks go up…but that’s not a good reason to buy them).

The hope I’m referring to is seeing all of the good things going on in our markets as opposed to being overwhelmed with all of the negative BS screaming at you from Wall Street’s presstitutes.

Understanding hope, allows you to Listen to the Markets and make smarter decisions.

It’s easy to do when you have “ears to hear.”

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