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Justice for Banksters Means “Just-Us”

This goes beyond disgusting.

The TBTF (Too Big To Fail) banks on Wall Street are also called TBTJ (Too Big To Jail).

By that I mean they get away with outright criminal activity at our expense.

They’re a tight knit group working closely with the Justice Department to keep them from criminal prosecution or being sued.

If you read my post about Hong Kong Shanghai Bank paying almost $2 Billion in fines (HERE), you’ll remember they did it to avoid prosecution.

To them it’s like paying a license fee.

If a major bank’s in trouble, the New York Attorney General simply walks in and informs them to hand over a few Billion to avoid prosecution or face criminal charges.

It’s how the system works.

The banksters pay these fines because they can’t afford to go to trial and lose.  If they lose, the class action suits that follow will bury them.

It’s totally creepy because the government makes billions in the process and this makes the banks Too Big To Jail (TBTJ).

It also proves the elite “club” benefits from a special form of Justice…”Just-us.”

So, who pays for all these fines?

The banks/brokerage firms set aside, what they call “protection” money.  Some call it a “War Chest.”  (It’s more like dealing with the Mafia.)  But in this case, it’s organized crime at the government level.

It gets worse.

It’s funded by hidden fees charged to all the loyal customers they supposedly are protecting.

Let that sink in a moment.

You and me (the consumer) are picking up the tab for criminal activities.

This encourages the banksters to do whatever they want.  They know they’ll get away with it and someone else will pay for it.

The best way to fight back is to learn how to avoid paying hidden fees.

We’ll teach you how.  Go (HERE).

You’ll Thank us later.

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