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Should We InvestiGATES CoronaGATES Perpetrators?


It wasn’t that long ago when the Nazis burned books to prevent people from disagreeing with their philosophy.

Today, we have YouTube, Facebook, and other “social media” basically doing the same thing.

Essentially, they’re suppressing free speech.

It was fascist in Hitler’s day and is just as fascist today.

Ironically (or NOT) these same people call Trump a FASCIST.

Even more ironic (or NOT), today’s book burning fanboyz are in full support of Bill Gates.

Unlike Hitler they aren’t advocating an Ayran race (that we know of) but supporting Bill Gates – who believes in reducing the world population indiscriminately to save the planet – isn’t what you would call pro-humanity.

Why hasn’t the DOJ launched an investigation into the control that Gates is wielding over Big-Pharma and organizations like the CDC, WHO, and Imperial College’s mastermind of the UK (and the rest of the world’s Lockdown) Neil Ferguson?

Ironically (or NOT) Professor Ferguson was recently busted over two separate Booty Calls with his married lover.  This was in direct violation of his demand for everyone to #StayAtHome and practice strict social distancing.


This goofball was also famous for saying in 2005 that 200 MILLION people would die from the Bird Flu.

In the end only 282 people died worldwide from the disease between 2003 and 2009.

(Any doubts? Do a Google search on Neil Ferguson)

Yet, guys like this and Bill Gates have been leading the charge to destroy the global economy and force everyone to get The Mark of the Beast vaccinations in order to prove that you’re safe to leave your home.

Their (Gates, Ferguson, Frauduci, and company) hypocrisy is staggering.

But it’s their scaremongering that they must be held accountable for.


One by one they’ll be exposed for – what I consider to be – high crimes against humanity.

And the best way to see that happen is for us free-thinkers to write letters to our Congress Critters demanding that these cretins be investigated.

If enough people complain, politicians will be forced to take action.

We even published a ready-made letter you can copy and paste to send to your representative (HERE).

If nothing is done, we’ll likely fall into this century’s GATES Depression.

Read about that in our May Newsletter (HERE).


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