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Want Answers to CoronaHoax? Follow the Money


If you had to condense the vast majority of problems – financial, political, and even moral/religious – that civilization faces, you could sum it up in three word: Follow the Money.

You might argue that many other components of the world’s problems – like hatred, racism, inequality, social justice, threats of war, etc., are the driving forces that divide us.  But you’d be wrong.

To put today’s CoronaHoax in perspective you need to look beyond the media induced hysteria and Follow the Money.

Pandemics and epidemics have been around forever and have killed millions of people.  But never before has the world come to a screeching halt over a flu virus that’s nowhere near as harmful as the normal seasonal flu.

So, you need to ask yourself, why has the economic structure of the world been destroyed by the boyz in the “Club?”

Does it have anything to do with:


  • The multi-Trillion-dollar overwhelming global debt?
  • The world’s pension plans that have been destroyed by negative interest rates?
  • The fact that Banks Don’t Trust Banks?
  • The toxic debt from 2008 that was NEVER reconciled and is still buried on the banks and Federal Reserve balance sheets?
  • The sabre rattling between the US, Russia, China, Iran, Israel, North Korea, etc.?
  • The build-out of China’s Belt Road Initiative (BRI)?
  • The coveted resources in Africa?


There are many more reasons like the ones above…and they all have one thing in common.


Or, the lack thereof.

You see, the world’s debt problem is beyond repair.  It’s mathematically impossible to repay.

So, what’s the solution?


Most nations – including the United States – have, at one time or another, defaulted on their debt.

But there’s never been a time when the entire world is looking to default in unison.

Cue up the CoronaHoax.

Doesn’t it seem a bit too convenient that a pandemic that, within seven weeks, has thrust the entire world into economic calamity?

So, the $64 TRILLION question is:  Cui Bono?

According to Merriam Webster; Cui bono is – a principle that probable responsibility for an act or event lies with one having something to gain.

“In Plain English” you must Follow the Money.

So, who has the most to gain and where is this all headed?

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