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Shocking Number of Americans “On the Edge”

Since the CovidCalamity began, 62% of Americans are now living On the Edge.

Translation:  Paycheck to paycheck.

According to a survey by software designer Highland Solutions:

  1. 47% have burned through their emergency savings
  2. 82% admit they could not pay out of pocket for a $500 emergency, such as medical treatment or a car repair…
  3. Since February, 25% of respondents have amassed more than $10,000 in debt just to cover their month-to-month expenses.
  4. Nearly 60% report being more cautious in their spending.
  5. And 49% said their reduced outlay stems from lost income due to the pandemic and shutdown.

Hold on…it gets worse.

On the Edge in Many Ways

What was once normal is almost totally gone:

  1. 64% have cut back on eating out
  2. 61% see fewer movies
  3. 55% are buying less clothes
  4. And 52% have cut back on travel
  5. Only 21% of those surveyed reported spending more, mostly on food and groceries.

Housing will Collapse

The U.S. census bureau’s second Household Pulse Survey found:  Across 13 states, between 39.4 and 56.2 percent of Americans said they likely will face eviction before February 2021.

Gee, I wonder how that will affect the landlords?

And how will mortgage companies respond?

Do the math.

If someone hasn’t been able to pay their rent/mortgage for six months, what makes you think they’ll somehow start paying again?

Yet, the Globalists clowns are saying “Things Should Return to Normal in 2 years.” (read yesterday’s email HERE)

Seriously, the Great Reset crew knows damn well that things will NEVER be normal again.

And they want you to be totally dependent on their handouts, vaccines, and submission to their evil agenda.

2021, When the Great Reset and Food Shortages Hit Home, is gonna rock your boat.

Far too many sheeple don’t see this coming.

Don’t be one of them.

Instead, get prepared and ready to prosper AND thrive by reading our December newsletter HERE.

It’s Not Just About Finance.



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