December 2022
December 8, 2022

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2 Years to Return to Normal? LOL!

Never underestimate the gullibility of humans who believe we’ll return to normal in two years.

Caution:  This falls under the “You Just Can’t Make This Up” category.

According to the WHO’s special envoy for the Covid-19 response: “Despite the arrival of a COVID-19 vaccine, normal life won’t resume for at least two years.”

Stop, right now…and ask this question.  What is Normal?

Is normal:

  1. Being able to go to work?
  2. Being able to go to your favorite restaurant?
  3. Spending time with your family during the holidays?
  4. Having to worry about someone “ratting you out” for having more than 6 people gather at your home?
  5. Wearing a mask or practice social distancing?
  6. Not having to worry about dying when you get near or talk to a stranger in public?


Return to Normal?

If you believe the crap coming out of Great Reset advocates (Cough! Klaus Schwab, Cough! Bill Gates, The WHO, CDC, etc.) then you’ll know things will NEVER return to normal.

They even admit it.

According to the WHO’s Dr. David Nabarro, “Big patches of normality are coming up soon, but not everyone will be vaccinated for at least a couple of years. So normal life as we know it is a couple of years away for the world.

Read that quote again.

This Nabarro clown assumes:

  1. A new (unproven) vaccine works.
  2. Everyone in the world is going to take it.


That’s creepy on steroids.

But, it’s all part of the conditioning these globalist creeps are trying to force down our collective throats.

They’re convinced we’re the Great Unwashed Masses and are too stupid to think for ourselves.

As a result, we need a GREAT RESET to fix everything.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

These Uber-liberal academics are clueless about the markets.  And they believe they can manipulate the global economy.

They’re in for a big surprise.

Learn why they will fail in our December issue of “…In Plain English.”

And (more importantly) how to prosper AND thrive in Turbulent Times from their evil agenda (HERE).

It’s Not Just About Finance.



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